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Fire performance blends athleticism and art to create unique patterns of movement and light, and fire tools are as varied as the artists who wield them. Whether rocking it out to heavy beats or lingering over a meditative melody, fire art embraces it all. Spinning poi has allowed me to apply my skills to a continually expanding set of tools suited for a wide range of venues and performances. My repertoire currently includes:

Fire poi

The art of poi involves swinging a weighted object on the end of cord/chain/rope around the body. Spinning fire poi creates a hypnotic ebb and flow of light that can be both technical and creative at once. Spinning poi is where I began with fire art and it remains one of my favorite tools to perform with.

Spinning fire poi at a Chicago Full Moon Jam

Fire fans

Fire fans have quickly become a signature performance tool. I love how easily they can flow from slow and deliberate to explosive and rapid patterns. Although many of the movements are similar to poi, the many wicks on the fans can be spun into dazzling multiple trails of fire or continuous circles of flame.

Crafting a fire wheel with 6-spoke fans custom made by Quentin Shaw, Chicago

Fire trails from spinning Khaos fans (made by Trick Concepts out of LA)

Fire staff

Although a staff may seem like the most basic of tools, it can be used to create sweeping and complex arcing patterns.

Fire sword

I constructed my sword from a Japanese bokken as the latest addition to my arsenal of fire tools. It presents a simple yet powerful display.

Non-burning performance tools

Spinning doesn’t always need to be done with fire to be beautiful. In situations where fire performance is not possible, flags, comet-tail poi, LED poi and/or LED staff can produce kaleidoscopes of color and movement that are just as effective and enchanting as fire art.

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