Time to renew your policy

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It’s that time of year again: fire performance insurance through Specialty Insurance is set to renew on MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2011, so be sure to get your renewal/application form and policy check in the mail. You can find the application here.

The 2011-2012 policy period will run from April 25, 2011 – April 24, 2012. Insurance for this 12-month period is $215. Please note: Specialty Insurance does not accept debit or credit cards, you need to send a check or money order VIA mail service; expect processing to take about a week.

The 2011 – 2012 shared policy limits of coverage for all members are as follows:

Each Occurrence: $3,000,000 (bodily injury & property damage to others)
Damage to Rented Premises: $100,000 (to rented premises)
Personal & Advertising Injury: $3,000,000 (hurting someone’s feelings)
General Aggregate: $5,000,000 (the most the policy will pay out during the policy year)
Products – Completed Op. Agg.: $5,000,000 (the most the policy will pay out during the policy year)
Medical Expenses: $5,000 (emergency medical to others injured by you)

There are also 6-, 3- and 1-month policy periods at a sliding scale cost.

For those who prefer to purchase insurance on an event-to-event basis rather than annual coverage, the cost for insurance is $125/per person per event, and once issued, the certificate of insurance will expire after seven days. So if you’re looking to perform more than once a year, the annual coverage policy really is your best bet.

The policy isn’t cheap, but that’s the thing about insurance – no one really thinks that they need the coverage, until they do, and suddenly they’re staring at a potentially enormous pile of liability costs.

So protect yourself and protect the community: renew your performance insurance today.


Lakes of Fire tickets on sale today!

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Tickets for Lakes of Fire, the Great Lakes Regional Burning Man event, go on sale today at 12pm EST. Go here to Black Rock Tickets to make your purchase. Please note: There will be absolutely no ticket purchases at the event gate! Tickets sold out last year well ahead of the event, so get ’em while they’re hot!

Tier 1 tickets for attendees 13+: $35

Tier 2 tickets for attendees 13+: $50

Tickets for children 12 and under: free

I attended Lakes of Fire last year – it was my first Burning Man event ever – and the experience was amazing. The creativity on display was inspiring and the atmosphere was as friendly as you could hope for. Although by the end of the festival I was DYING for a shower. Thankfully this year there will be an actual lake to go swimming in!

Event description (from Lakes of Fire):

Lakes of Fire 2011: Anima Mundi is an outdoor art and camping event occuring at Lucky Lake campground in 3977 W. Wilke Rd., Montague, MI 49437. Event dates are Noon, Thursday June 23 – 3:00 PM, Sunday June 26, 2011. Read and follow the survival guide to prepare for this event: http://www.lakesoffire.org/survival-guide/ . We are a 100% volunteer produced event and count on your participation to co-create Lakes of Fire. Your art, workshops, theme camps, and volunteerism make Lakes of Fire. This is a Leave No Trace event come prepared to handle all of your own survival and comfort needs and to remove and properly dispose of all of your own trash and recycling.


NOTICE: Tonight’s April 17 Full Moon Jam CANCELLED

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Chicago’s schizophrenic weather patterns strike again. The organizers have regretfully decided to cancel the April FMJ.

The rain/snow/slush from the last few days have left the field at the Foster Lakefront park a mudpit and it’s going to be COLD with temperatures predicted in the high 30s and wind gusts up to 30mph. Neither are going to be ideal conditions for spectators or performers (and will the slipperiness of the ground it’ll be downright dangerous).

The next FMJ is scheduled for sunset on TUESDAY, MAY 17.

So apologies, everyone. I know lots of us have been looking forward to the jam but an April start just isn’t in the cards this year. Hopefully the weather gods will be in a much more amiable mood next month because we’re going to start off the 2011 fire spinning season right!

(The following is the official notice from the FMJ organizers)

Dear Full Moon Jammers,

We regretfully send this email with the sad news. The April Full Moon Jam is canceled.
We had to cancel the jam this month due to the combination of the extreme wet conditions of the fields (they are a mud pit right now) and the cold weather (40 degrees).
All of us have been super excited and waiting for the jam to happen all winter long.  We must be patient though and allow Spring to take its course.
We look forward to seeing everyone next month on Tuesday May 17th for next Full Moon Jam.
Enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday, at home, in the warmth with a cup of hot coco.
—–The Chicago Fire Tribe