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It’s that time of year again: fire performance insurance through Specialty Insurance is set to renew on MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2011, so be sure to get your renewal/application form and policy check in the mail. You can find the application here.

The 2011-2012 policy period will run from April 25, 2011 – April 24, 2012. Insurance for this 12-month period is $215. Please note: Specialty Insurance does not accept debit or credit cards, you need to send a check or money order VIA mail service; expect processing to take about a week.

The 2011 – 2012 shared policy limits of coverage for all members are as follows:

Each Occurrence: $3,000,000 (bodily injury & property damage to others)
Damage to Rented Premises: $100,000 (to rented premises)
Personal & Advertising Injury: $3,000,000 (hurting someone’s feelings)
General Aggregate: $5,000,000 (the most the policy will pay out during the policy year)
Products – Completed Op. Agg.: $5,000,000 (the most the policy will pay out during the policy year)
Medical Expenses: $5,000 (emergency medical to others injured by you)

There are also 6-, 3- and 1-month policy periods at a sliding scale cost.

For those who prefer to purchase insurance on an event-to-event basis rather than annual coverage, the cost for insurance is $125/per person per event, and once issued, the certificate of insurance will expire after seven days. So if you’re looking to perform more than once a year, the annual coverage policy really is your best bet.

The policy isn’t cheap, but that’s the thing about insurance – no one really thinks that they need the coverage, until they do, and suddenly they’re staring at a potentially enormous pile of liability costs.

So protect yourself and protect the community: renew your performance insurance today.

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