Safety tip: Don’t use superglue with fire tools

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Everyone needs to repair the wicked portions of their fire gear at some point. Maybe your snakes are fraying or the heads of your staff are getting a little loose. But when you reach into your repair kit, leave the superglue alone. Aside from releasing fumes that could irritate the eyes, nose and throat, the flames will cause a nasty chemical reaction in the glue that can damage your gear, turning a simple fix into an expensive replacement.

Instead, use wood glue (such as Elmer’s) when making repairs to your fire gear. Exposure to flame will cure the glue and get it to seal all the right spots securely. Just apply the glue, let it dry, then dip the wick into your fuel, light the wick for a few minutes and extinguish.

Remember, spin safely to protect yourself and protect the community!

This safety tip has been brought to you by the folks at Pyrotechniq.